Start a Fucking Blog

Go on, do it right fucking now - it's the best thing on the web you can do.

This is a fucking blog, and it’s wonderful. It’s perfect. It allows you to share your words, in your own voice, with no corporate fuckery to fuck it up for you.

Blogs are very fucking important, because they allow you to own your content. Whatever you share, it’s yours and no fucks, like Elon Fucking Musk, can take that away from you.

They can’t ban you from your own blog. They can’t silence you. They can’t make money from you. Fuck them.

Start a fucking blog.

This is a perfect blog. you can host it for free on Netlify. It has no fucking bloat, and people who come visit your blog won’t be tracked.

It’s fucking perfect.

Why you should start a fucking blog

Why the fuck aren’t you convinced yet? Do I still need to explain why a fucking blog is a good fucking idea? Ok then, fuck it…

Read this fucking post on The Verge; it should tell you everything you need to know about why you should start a fucking blog. If you’re still not convinced, then you should probably just fuck off.

Start a fucking blog.

POSSE every-fucking-thing

POSSE is the shittest acronym that was ever thought up, but it means Post to your Own Site, Syndicate Everywhere (told you it was shit).

So you write your fucking posts on your fucking blog, then post links to your fucking posts on your social fucking media. That way, everyone goes to your fucking blog and you’re not feeding Elon Fucking Musk’s algorithm.

Fuck him.

How to start your own fucking blog

It’s easy as fuck. You can clone this repository on Github, edit the fuck out of it, then publish your own version on Netlify.

If you don’t want all that fucking around, start a fucking Bear Blog instead.

Congratulations, you’re a fucking blogger. Now get the fuck out of here and start writing some fucking posts.

Finally, fuck Twitter

Why the fuck are you still using Twitter? It’s not even Twitter anymore, it’s fucking “X”. Once you’ve started your fucking blog, get over to Join Mastodon and sign up for that instead.

Then, edit your fucking “X” profile to say something like…

Fuck Twitter and the “X”. I’m on fucking Mastodon instead.

This is fucking satire

This site was heavily influenced by the geniuses behind Motherfucking Website and Better Motherfucking Website.

Although this site has been created as a bit of fun, the message behind it is a serious one. Don’t feed the algorithms the web is already fucked, let’s not make it any worse.

Own your content; start a fucking blog.